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Cracks (2009)
March 19, 2011, 11:06 pm
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Director: Jordan Scott

With different material, Eva Green’s performance might have stuck out as one of the worst of the year. But her overdone, ludicrously exaggerated mannerisms only heighten the fact that her character is a complete fraud. As a campy melodrama, Cracks works well because of Jordan Scott’s willingness to go all of the way with the material. Her directorial decisions are ludicrously on-the-nose – there’s a scene in which the sheltered Eva Green goes into town and, unnerved by her surroundings, begins having an anxiety attack visualized through a series of quickly cut close-ups and Green’s overemphasized ticks. As serious as Scott seems to take the material, there’s also a sense that she understands how theatrical it all is, and more crucially how theatrical Green, by the nature of her character, needs to be. She’s constructed a matriarchal kingdom in which she rules as Queen, and the outside interference by a more well-traveled student three times her junior compromises every bit of her authority. Juno Temple, whose character is on a similar journey in becoming the future matriarch of a gaggle of naive young girls, gives an equally effective performance as yet another fascistic false sage.

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