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Unstoppable (2010)
March 19, 2011, 11:04 pm
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Director: Tony Scott

Within the first half hour of the film, a train full of children and a horse are dragged dangerously close to meeting their doom at the hands of the ominous 777. The way the train is presented – mostly in low angle, the growl of its wheels sounding almost prehistoric – solidifies that Unstoppable is one of the silliest studio releases of the past year. It’s also a reasonably entertaining diversion thanks to a good cast and some nicely accomplished suspense sequences by director Tony Scott, whose trademark kineticism is obnoxious but utilized well within the context of a movie about a big ‘ol train that might as well be possessed. What’s so effective about the picture when compared to recent Hollywood blockbusters is that the action is completely coherent. Racing on one track, the proximity of our heroes to danger is always clear, and the cut-away scenes to Rosario Dawson at dispatch nicely articulate each obstacle. It seems to be more of a negative commentary on the state of action movies to suggest that the film is good because it’s easy to follow, but such is the case when dealing with a genre that has largely been rendered exhausting and joyless.


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