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Paul (2011)
March 20, 2011, 6:45 am
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Director: Greg Mottola

The least that one can say about Paul is that the filmmakers clearly love cinema. Like Rango, Paul makes a game out of “name that reference”, however Frost & Pegg don’t weave their geek pandering into the script so much as design the plot completely around it. Although the effort is reasonably affable for an hour or so, by the last third things become tiresome while retreading the same punch lines and jumping tirelessly from set piece to set piece. Whereas Hot Fuzz gave us showdowns in eerily empty streets and a miniature town, Paul‘s action scenes consist of routine car chases and monotonous gunfire. As great a director as Mottola has proved to be, one sort of wishes that Edgar Wright’s hyper-kinetic visual flare was present in order to bring some personality to the myriad of routine action sequences. Still, despite it’s faults, it’s hard to consider your time wasted while watching an ensemble this talented.


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