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Rango (2011)
March 21, 2011, 6:14 am
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Director: Gore Verbinski

Who could have expected that Gore Verbinski would have directed a more satisfying love letter to the Western genre than the Coen brothers? With distinctive character designs and a superb cast of voices (Bill Nighy is terrifically menacing as Rattlesnake Jake), Rango is the first great Hollywood film of 2011, and it may very well be the best non-Pixar animated movie since Coraline. Instead of attempting to occasionally pander to the adults while focusing mainly on pleasing the children, the film does exactly the opposite with throw-away lines like “thespians are illegal in seven states” and “i’m actually one of the few men with a maiden name.” Additionally, it offers children a provocative, relatively challenging plot, and through it’s unique visual aesthetic it’s bound to engage their imagination more than your typical family release. The animation team at Industrial Light and Magic has justified their entry into the medium with this wondrous production, with it’s visuals alone easily rivaling the best of any contemporary animation studio.

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