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Due Date (2010)
March 26, 2011, 6:12 am
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Director: Todd Phillips

There’s no need to criticize Due Date for being familiar of its predecessors. It’s lovingly derivative, recycling material from the all-too-familiar comedic staple of a mismatched duo who, after an hour or so of torturing one another, will ultimately reconcile with a series of kind-hearted gestures. However, as much fun as it can be to watch the seemingly mismatched Downey Jr. and Galifianakis on screen, the movie has the same pitfalls of Dinner for Schmucks, another recent comedy wherein Paul Rudd played an asshole who exploits a socially interminable “schmuck” played by Steve Carell. Both characterizations are thin and, when the plot calls for the inevitable harmony, the audience has long since stopped taking either of them seriously. Due Date is humorous escapism insofar as you’ll chuckle once every few minutes, but once the film is over attempt to recall exactly why it was that you were laughing. The small scenes of empathy are unconvincing, and whereas teams like Martin and Candy or De Niro and Grodin were genuinely affecting, Due Date doesn’t have the sincerity to elevate the material beyond a flat documentation of the formidable talents on screen.


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