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Thor (2011)
May 27, 2011, 8:57 pm
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Director: Kenneth Branagh

In my short tenure as a comic book fan, Thor was the superhero that I took the biggest liking to. Rather than being a self-serious and cynical series, the books were almost surrealist and obscure – his is a familiar fish-out-of-water story that just happens to star a Norse God space alien. Branagh’s adaptation captures the tone of the series and wisely sees the comedic potential in it without neglecting the familiar narrative stakes of a summer blockbuster. It is also pleasurable to see a super hero movie without a drawn-out origin story – Thor is an established figure from the first frame, and his relationship with his fellow Asgardians suggests a mythical history that the audience can interpret for themselves. Although the film ultimately caves in to too many familiar genre cliches (the “Destroyer” – essentially a giant robot – makes an appearance in a particularly recycled sequence), as schlocky, low-brow summer entertainment, it is an amusing guilty pleasure.

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