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Sin Takes a Holiday (1930)
July 18, 2012, 10:23 pm
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Director: Paul L. Stein

Constance Bennett was one of RKO’s biggest box office draws in the early 1930s. Despite her appealing comedic talents, her draw was much more superficial: her wardrobe. Her sleek, slender body was a clotheshorse for the greatest couture fashions of the time, and fittingly she was often accompanied with ravishing art deco interior design that established her as the ideal socialite. Sin Takes a Holiday is a prime example of Bennett’s stardom – the transformation that one sees in her wardrobe is far more interesting than anything that the script provides. As Bennett’s boss – who “employs” her as his wife so that he can get his girlfriend off of his back about progressing their relationship – Kenneth MacKenna gives an admirable performance, with the best scene in the picture occurring when he and the bitter Bennett must put on their charade in front of his suspicious lover. Bennett’s ultimate decision comes as a surprise, but perhaps that is the point. This is a shallow world of vain pseudo-sophisticates, and as such it would be implausible to expect that the end would result in anything resembling authentic romantic love.

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