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Twist of Fate (1954)
November 21, 2013, 7:29 pm
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Director: David Miller
2 Stars
Twist of FateA dour British noir that imported Ginger Rogers for hopeful box office returns, Twist of Fate (originally titled Beautiful Stranger in the UK) is burdened with a lousy script and worse performances. Rogers plays Johnny, an impoverished showgirl who is the mistress of Louis Galt (Stanley Baker), a millionaire who insists that his divorce is all but finalized. When Johnny learns that Galt might be lying (little does she know, he also happens to run a counterfeiting ring), she flees and finds herself stranded in a country village outside of Cannes. Rogers’ then husband Jacques Bergerac plays the eventual love interest, an artist who seduces the distraught Rogers through his skills with pottery. Director David Miller and cinematographer Edward Scaife fail in their rendering of the villa on the French Riviera, which despite on-location shooting comes off as bland and lifeless. Worse yet are the clumsily staged and edited action sequences. Herbert Lom fares best as a crook who is in debt to Galt, however Rogers is only serviceable and Bergerac is a bore.

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