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Freighters of Destiny (1931)
October 14, 2014, 5:52 pm
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Director: Fred Allen
2.5 Stars
Freighters of DestinyTom Keene, though largely forgotten today, enjoyed some success as a star of B-westerns at RKO in the early 1930s. His fourth effort sees him inherit a freighter franchise when his father is murdered by outlaws working the opportunistic Randolph Carter (Mitchell Harris), a local banker. The fun-loving Steve Macey (Keene) must reveal Carter to be crooked before the merchants fail to renew the Macey contract in town. As with many westerns, the film was made very cheaply–it was clearly made fast, with continuity errors aplenty (day becomes night and vice versa with regularity) and poor dubbing. Despite the inferior quality of the production, the action sequences are fairly exciting, especially a chase sequence in which Macey skillfully utilizes rocky terrain in order to misdirect his pursuers.

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