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Big Hero 6 (2014)
November 23, 2014, 3:01 pm
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Director(s): Don Hall & Chris Williams
3.5 Stars
Big Hero 6Big Hero 6 is Disney’s first adaptation of a Marvel comic since their acquisition of the superhero behemoth five years ago. In many ways, the film feels like an entry-level helping for future fans of the genre–it’s a kid-friendly Guardians of the Galaxy, replacing a lovable talking tree with a lovable talking marshmallow. That is to say that it also has much of the same strengths and weaknesses. The 14-year-old prodigy at the center of the picture, Hiro (voiced by Ran Potter), is an affable blend of snark and determination, and he’s well-matched by the exceedingly altruistic Baymax (voiced by Scott Adsit). When a scene’s content involves their connection–a friendship that was born as a way of helping Hiro cope with grief–the film soars. On the other hand, the genius turned super villain backstory and the protracted action climax feel stale, no matter how visually inventive the film’s setting of San Fransokyo might be. Consider the unique action sequences of My Neighbor Totoro–which this film owes something to in the way it develops the relationship between a child and rotund simpleton–which are a far cry from the pedestrian city destruction that occupies the final half hour.

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