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Congo Maisie (1940)
March 2, 2015, 2:43 pm
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Director: H.C. Potter
2.5 Stars
Congo MaisieThe genre-hopping Maisie Revere (Ann Sothern) gets transported to her most improbable circumstances in the second entry of the popular Maisie series. Congo Maisie becomes slightly more understandable when you consider that the Maisie property was originally intended for Jean Harlow, who rocketed to stardom with Red Dust. But Sothern’s brassy screen persona is a far cry away from Harlow–she’s sexy, but not sexual in the predatory way that Harlow excelled at. A terrible performance by John Carroll as a rubber plantation farmer doesn’t do much to help the supposed steaminess of their inevitable jungle affair. He’s going for Clark Gable, but only shows an understanding of Gable’s brashness in the way that he shouts every line. Sothern has an enjoyable scene near the end in which she uses her old showgirl tricks to fend off a ravaging tribe of natives, but ultimately Congo Maisie ranks as one of the lesser entries in the series.

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