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Spring (2014)
April 19, 2015, 2:08 pm
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Director(s): Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead
3 Stars
SpringA young American tourist (Lou Taylor Pucci) finds his way to the southern coast of Spain and falls in love with an enchanting student (Nadia Hilker) bearing a gruesome secret. Of the many genres that horror cross-pollinates, the romantic drama is very rarely one of them, which Spring does so with an admirable bravery in balancing the thrill of a couple’s honeymoon period while dutifully satisfying the genre fan’s desire to see something macabre. The film has invited some to draw comparisons to Richard Linklater’s Before series, but the resemblance is only superficial. Everyman though he might be, Pucci’s character doesn’t have much of interest to say, and that Hilker finds him equally enchanting as he does her is the film’s greatest mystery. Regardless, the film makes some bold choices in it’s familiar telling of an impulsive love affair, particularly in a third act that is part creature feature (with both a horrific and comedic touch), part holiday romance.

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