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Bachelor Apartment (1931)
October 15, 2015, 10:12 pm
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Director: Lowell Sherman
3 Stars
Bachelor ApartmentAn unusual influence in Hollywood during the early 1930s as the rare actor/director, Lowell Sherman is a curiosity who plays a bit like a thrift store Lubitsch. In Bachelor Apartment, he plays a playboy who, as playboys are wont to do, finds himself seduced by a woman who begins to make him consider settling down for the first time. Miscast as Sherman is, the film nonetheless has the good fortune of co-starring Irene Dunne in one of her earliest films. She’s believably cast as the no-nonsense stenographer who isn’t exactly willing to compromise despite her growing interest in Sherman. There are some enticing pre-Code plays with sexuality throughout and Sherman nicely handles a handful of comic scenes. Most interesting is a frequent play of characters in their own spaces–Sherman flirts with a woman from one car window to another, a neighbor woman frequently leans out of her window to check the weather. There’s a sense that people are confined to their own comfortable surroundings throughout, meaning that Sherman’s transition from playboy to romantic has the antithetical feel of being liberating.

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