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Morgan (2016)
February 28, 2017, 4:01 pm
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Director: Luke Scott
1.5 Stars
morganMorgan largely involves the conflict between a group of scientists who have come to adore the artificial intelligence they have created and those who see the line between man/machine as being more black-and-white. Like last year’s Ex Machina, the film takes interest in the things that make us human—much is made, for example, of the idiosyncrasies in the ways that people speak, or how emotions are not often easily categorized. But the chief problem is that Morgan‘s interest in human sentience gives way into a rather standard actioner with characters whose motivations are nearly impossible to decipher. The film’s efficient opening sequence promises a sense of narrative control, however the questions it leaves the viewer with hardly get answered—most problematical is that the motivation behind creating a sentient being is never explored, nor is the reason why some of these characters have so taken a liking to the chilling Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy). When the film devolves into a series of chases and fight scenes, the craft is nearly laughable—the incomprehensible speed of the edits was likely a necessary evil due to the fact that the brawls look like they’re happening at half-speed. The wealth of riches in the supporting cast is wasted, and Kate Mara, as a mysterious fixer, plays more lost and confused than steely.

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