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Nothing Personal (2009)
March 29, 2011, 12:04 am
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Director: Urszula Antoniak

One of the first images in Nothing Personal is a woman removing a wedding ring from her finger. It is one of several on-the-nose, banal moments that restrict the audience from fully investing in the quiet relationship between the two central characters. For a film that intends to revel in small, telling gestures (which i’ve surmised by the tediously repetitive image of hands rummaging through seaweeds), it has the tendency to be disarmingly blunt. In perhaps the most misguided choice of all, the film incorporates chapter titles like “The end of a relationship” that undo the struggling observational quality of the film. A first time filmmaker, Urszula Antoniak shows potential in getting two commendably under-played performances out of her leads, and should she resist getting in the way of the acting talent she may be one to watch out for in the future. Lotte Verbeek, as the flame-haired, impersonal hitch-hiker, has a magnetic presence on screen, however the character’s emotional barriers break early and unconvincingly.