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Inside Deep Throat (2005)
April 17, 2011, 9:37 pm
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Director(s): Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato

In 1972, the seminal pornographic film entitled Deep Throat challenged the censorship courts and ignited discussions of obscenity. Despite its controversy, the $25,000 budgeted film has earned hundreds of millions of dollars to date, some even citing it as being the highest earning picture in history. Inside Deep Throat discusses the obscenity charges and the generation that the film influenced, as well as how the lives of those who starred in the picture were forever changed. While undoubtedly a fascinating story, the film is unfortunately overstuffed with information and would need to double its length to satisfyingly discuss everything it wants to. Concluding with a juxtaposition of the modern porn industry and the porn films of old, the documentary nostalgically looks back at the liberating adult films of the 1970s whilst demonizing the state of the industry today. While such an argument would make a fascinating documentary on its own, it’s a bizarre counterpoint to a film that seems to applaud the efforts of young people fucking and exhibiting it for the public, the repressors be damned.