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Life of Brian (1979)
May 16, 2011, 6:03 pm
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Director: Terry Jones

While it may not be, joke-for-joke, the funniest feature effort by Monty Python, there hasn’t been a religious satire of this quality since its release and, even broadening the context into the world of satire at large, one would be hard pressed to find many films worthy of belonging within the same conversation. What makes it so rewatchable, as is the case with the other Monty Python works, is not just in its humor, but also in the surrealist tangents that Jones incorporates along the way. Even while anticipating its arrival, the alien abduction scene still catches me off guard and subverts every expectation I have about the narrative and the nature of the comedy. Appropriately, that particular formula of unpredictability is precisely what makes comedy, and particularly Monty Python’s comedy, so successful.

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