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Room for One More (1952)
December 25, 2014, 4:37 pm
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Director: Norman Taurog
3 Stars
Room for One MoreBetsy Drake’s career hadn’t quite taken off four years after her on-screen debut alongside future husband Cary Grant in Every Girl Should Be Married, and as a result the Hollywood couple selected this project with the intention of providing material worthy of her considerable talent. It’s a much different role than she played in their first collaboration–here, she’s the radiant image of maternal love, demonstrating a considerable patience and selflessness. She’s so strong-willed that she just about eats Grant up, who plays the skeptical husband who nonetheless never fails to reveal his soft side. Their best scene in the previous collaboration involved Drake confronting Grant at a lecture about how women shape their men in the early stages of a relationship, and similarly in this film Grant confronts Drake at a public forum about being a neglected husband before being put in his place by a room full of women. It’s appealing to see Grant show that vulnerability on screen–there’s a generosity in his willingness to be wrong and to be shamed. Room for One More is otherwise almost entirely forgettable, save for a particularly raunchy running joke about Grant’s sexual frustrations. There’s a terrific visual gag involving a champagne bottle exploding at the point where his libido is at its most unfulfilled.

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